How To Sell Athletic Leisure Wear Online?

Activewear has risen out of its humble origins as sweaty clothes for the gym, and now many brands sport a cult-like mass following. Sweatshirts, polo shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants are now staples of the modern wardrobe and worn for almost any occasion. Consumers in 2021 are more avid about health and wellness than ever- while they may not be exercising more, they like to dress like it. Athleisure is also appealing due to its accessibility and ease and is easily incorporated into day-to-day outfits. 

Consumer trends rapidly evolve, which is why e-commerce store owners are at an advantage- they can meet demand much faster than brick-and-mortar shops. This article discusses some major aspects of selling activewear online

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Activewear, Athleisure, and Streetwear


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Until a decade ago, activewear was associated with apparel tailored explicitly for sports like gymnastics, judo, running, etc. These products fall under the label sportswear, and activewear is a general umbrella term that covers all kinds of comfortable, sporty clothes. As spiritual, physical activities like yoga have become more popular, activewear has been interwoven into the overall wellness lifestyle and is regularly spotted outside training grounds. Athleisure was thus born. 

Out of activewear came another style- streetwear. Streetwear pulls from multiple subcultures, online trends, and activewear products. From Supreme to Yeezy to Louis Vuitton, streetwear functions as a subsection of activewear. 

Why Should I Sell Activewear Online?

In the past decade, the sales value of activewear has grown exponentially. According to Allied Market Research, the global activewear market will grow to a value of $546,802 million by 2024. McKinsey & Company, who predicted 2019’s global growth in activewear demand, note that most brick-and-mortar apparel retailers struggle to keep up with fast-paced changes in demand. E-commerce store owners with POD services don’t have this problem. For example, customer integrated apparel manufacturer POND Threads offers fast and comprehensive athleisure manufacturing that keeps up with customer demand. 


Morgan Stanley activewear predictions

Source: Atlas

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How Do I Start Selling?

If you want to go into the athleisure e-commerce game, there are different directions to consider. One option is to create a custom-made clothing line that needs to be designed from scratch, which is more high-cost but can also be priced higher. Another direction is to partner with a fully integrated apparel manufacturer like POND threads who offers designed and tailored clothing that you can customize. This is a much simpler approach to launching your activewear line but can be more limited in tailoring choices.

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Activewear That Is Custom-Made

For premium brands with high-level technical capabilities, the market is expanding at record paces. If you’re willing to invest a significant amount of technical effort into producing need-specific activewear, this may be the way to go. Consumers are looking for products that combine functionality and style, as our busy lives nowadays call for clothes that can transition seamlessly from brunch to the gym. You can also innovate and provide mixed-use products, which can be priced according to their high quality. The price point for these products is rising, and consumers are willing to pay more for quality and functionality. However, since the market is so demand-focused, you may have out-of-style products left in storage and lose money if your brand is not strong enough. 

Print-On-Demand Activewear

If you’re not a professional fashion designer or tailor, the easiest way to launch your activewear line is to partner with a POD drop shipping company. Print-on-demand is the safest bet for e-commerce clothing lines; this fulfillment method caters to rapidly shifting demand by letting you focus on generating trendy and topical designs without being invested in the production process. POD dropshipping companies closely track market tendencies and offer products that consumers want right now- meaning there’s a much smaller chance of making costly mistakes. When you work with POD dropshipping company POND Threads, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed; thanks to our advanced production techniques, you can be sure to have the highest quality garments produced in the most in-demand styles that match consumer interest. 

Considerations When Choosing Activewear Products

Activewear is just like any other branch of the apparel industry- having a thorough understanding of your customers is the first step to take when choosing new activewear products. Market research is essential. You need to be up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in demand or explore an untapped niche. Some factors to consider when launching your activewear brand:

What Your Customer Wants


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Activewear isn’t only meant for sports enthusiasts and gym rats. As the name points out, athleisure is the intersection of leisure and movement, which is essentially comfortable clothing. Streetwear transforms athleisure products into fashionable and opinionated statements. If your customer base has a robust and active culture, you need to keep that in mind when selecting and marketing your items. Choose a specific niche and work around the surrounding culture. Give sport-specific products a new personality and a unique twist. If you’re aiming for the more general public, connect with how important comfort is in everyday life. Choose products that satisfy the needs of your friends, yourself, and your colleagues. 

If your customer base is younger, design a trendy and comfortable streetwear line. These products are not only easy to design but hold excellent marketing potential. Most streetwear items can be worn year-round and allow for experimentation. 

Plus Size Activewear Products

The active industry is finally beginning to cater to plus-size consumers, a vast and previously untapped market. While the market still cannot satisfy aloof the demand, more and more brands recognize the need for size-inclusive apparel. When designing plus-size apparel, it’s critical to be authentic and directly target plus-size consumers, rather than just adding an extra size to a product campaign that already exists. 

How Fast The Movement Moves

To prevent athleisure fatigue, you need to keep a close eye on what is going on in the market. You should always follow trends that are succeeding but don’t be scared of innovating and standing out from the crowd. Our suggestion is to bring some color to a market that is mostly neutral-looking. This not only gives you a unique approach to athleisure, but also allows for space to experiment with the seasonality of different products. Use the activewear insight tool, follow market reports, and do continuous research on what your target audience likes and wants to spend money on. You can experiment with different products and designs without fear of loss with POND Thread’s POD service

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Suppose you want to start selling activewear in your e-commerce business. In that case, you need to thoroughly research your target audience and their needs and partner with a high-quality fulfillment company that caters to your needs. POND Threads is a customer-integrated purchase-activated apparel manufacturer. We produce premium athleisure as fast as the market demands and directly ship to consumers from Southern California. Work with POND Threads to create high-quality athleisure today!

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