Ways To Hire A T-Shirt Designer?

To start a clothing brand with POND Threads, all you need is a design and a plan. We take care of everything else. However, what if you are clueless about design? Not everybody has a passion for design, and photoshop and illustrator are costly investments. You may not have the time to learn the necessary skills for designing. Luckily, there are so many tools available at our disposal these days. This article will highlight ways you can connect with a competent t-shirt graphic designer to create your designs! 

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Resources You Can Use To Hire A T-Shirt Graphic Designer


Resources You Can Use To Hire A T-Shirt Graphic Designer

Chat with POND Thread's graphic design team

The assistance you need is right at your fingertips when you work with POND Threads. The experienced professional in-house graphic designers at POND Threads are more than happy to help you make your vision come to life! Not only do our designers create and adjust print files for POND Threads, but other print platforms as well. The team can also design a unique graphic based on your ideas, redesign your existing logo, or create a totally new piece of art that can be digitized and incorporated into your design. Our designers at POND Threads are already well-versed in creating designs that match POND Threads' print guidelines. Remember that if you work with a freelancer, they need to abide by our print file guidelines to avoid print problems further down the line. 

Connect With Your Ideal T-Shirt Designer On Dribble

Established designers use Dribble as a platform to showcase their portfolios and connect with clients. You can browse through their portfolios on the site and familiarize yourself with their style. If anything catches your eye, you can reach out to the designer and see if they're willing to work with you. Designers looking for clients will have a "Hire Me" button on their profile to click on and navigate. 

Use 99designs To Crowdsource Your T-Shirt Design Ideas.

If you have an idea for a t-shirt design but not the chops to create it on your own, 99designs is an easy way to crowdsource your idea. Describe the vision you're aiming for, and list how much you're willing to pay for that particular job. Designers will, in turn, submit their interpretations of your vision, and you can choose your favorite from the pool of submissions. Remember- how many design submissions you receive and the proposals' quality will depend on how much money you're willing to spend for that particular assignment. 99design features a "Find a Designer" tool that makes it extremely straightforward to look for a designer that matches your design needs and aesthetic tastes.  

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Browse Freelance Sites


looking for a t shirt designer


There are plenty of tools out there that allow you to locate, hire, and pay freelancers. Some popular platforms include Freelancer, Upwork, and Guru. These platforms also feature reviews from previous users, so you'll get a more complete picture of the person you're going to work with. 

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Sell Existing Designs

There are a lot of great designs floating around out there that haven't been sold. If you've found a design online that you love and think would look fantastic on a poster or a t-shirt, you can reach out to the designer! Offer to use it in your store, and split the profits. Startup Vitamins did just that with one of their most successful posters, "This is a bullshit-free zone." Designed by London-based creative agency Sell!Sell!, they collaborated and shared the design in return for a part of the revenue. You could also buy extended editable design bundles, where you pay a monthly subscription to access thousands of gorgeous fonts, illustrations, mockups, and more. 

Find A Cheap Design With Fiverr

Fiverr is less of a "freelancer" site than a site for anybody looking to market their skills for $5. Be aware that this is an entry-level space, and you can find basic designs with the option to upgrade your purchase. If you're looking for a hand executing a relatively simple design, this might be the way to go.  

Connect With A T-Shirt Designer In Real Life

This may be the route you want to try first, as things done in person are always communicated more clearly. It can be difficult to effectively convey your message over the internet, and it's a lot easier to have a conversation with the designer and explain face-to-face. You can look for a designer in a few places. is one easy option; head over to and put in "design." The closest design-related events should pop up. Boom! You can visit a room chock-full of designers! 

Use Your Store's Logo


different types of logos


Your store logo can make a great t-shirt design, especially if you have a strong brand. It's a great marketing strategy- brands like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren put out entire collections of clothing branded with their logo. If your store doesn't have a logo yet, you can use different logo-generating tools like Logaster to make a logo. All you have to do is put in your company name, click through 22 different categories, and then scroll through hundreds of free logo templates. The logos can be downloaded and customized at low-resolution for free or at high-resolution for $9.99.

Use AI With Designhill

Artificial intelligence and machine learning powers Designhill's logo maker. Create your logo by choosing a color, style, and illustrations. Choose a color, style, and illustrations, and the tool will generate a logo in less than a second. You can download it after you're satisfied- how much your logo costs depends on your desired file resolution.

Make Your Own Customer T-Shirt Design!

Above we've listed a plethora of affordable, easy ways to find a designer for your t-shirt designs. If you still want to do it yourself, you can consult with the design team here at POND Thread. We have options to create your own custom t-shirt designs easily, and you can put them directly on the product, so no additional software is required. 

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We were wrong before when we said, “all you need is a design.” All you need to start your clothing line is an idea! POND Thread is a comprehensive print-on-demand clothing manufacturer offering premium athleisure products. Work with POND Thread's expert design team to make your vision come to life. 

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