Trending Products To Sell Online

If having a wealth of options feels overwhelming, or if you feel paralyzed by how many product choices there are out there, you're not the only one daunted by this dilemma. Studies illustrate that the more options somebody has to choose from, the harder it is to take action and make a definitive decision.

For an e-commerce store owner, choosing between seemingly endless possibilities for their product options and trying to determine what they should sell can not only be anxiety-inducing but waste a significant portion of time and energy. This is why here at POND Threads, we've happily done the choosing for you and compiled a list of top trending products for your e-commerce business to sell online in 2021! Rather than spending countless hours researching and browsing, all you need to do is concentrate on the significant bit- selling! This article lists some trending products for your e-commerce business to sell this year.

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Trending Products To Sell In 2021

There are many products your e-commerce store could sell, but it's crucial to account for trends and market demand. Here are some top-trending products you may want to invest in selling.


custom t shirt


Throughout seasons, years, and decades, t-shirts remain on-trend and in-demand. Thanks to their wide-ranging color options and versatile styling, t-shirts continue to be a top seller for brick-and-mortar and online vendors alike. T-shirts are also a staple of streetwear, a style trend that has picked up steam in mainstream culture over the past decade and continues to expand in 2021, with a current estimated value of more than $185 billion. This significant figure means that streetwear fashion takes up around 10% of the entire global footwear and apparel market. If you're on the hunt for high-demand products to sell online, you can think about riding the streetwear wave by printing tees with eye-catching graphics, logos, or copyright-free quotes. 

If you're trying to sell t-shirts to fit a casual work apparel ensemble (another trend to watch out for), go for subdued, clean designs, such as a sleeve print that can be easily disguised under a jacket or a minimalist embroidery quote.

Sweatshirts, Joggers, and Hoodies

custom printed hoodie


As mentioned above, with the rise of loungewear, athleisure, and streetwear, 2021 will be a year of continued growth in the popularity of hoodies, sweatshirts, and joggers. Thanks to the pandemic and a rise in remote work and more casual workplace environments, 2020 has been the pinnacle of casual and comfortable clothing. From April to August of last year, 49% of consumers spent more money on casual wear than the previous year. Moreover, the steady growth for these items in Google searches lets us know that athleisure is not going anywhere except into everybody's closets. When considering what products your e-commerce business should sell online in 2021, you can think about putting out your own matching athlete sets or designing a line of sweatsuits. Each product can be sold separately, and you have the added perk of employing cross-selling and upselling techniques to sell them together to customers who love your designs. 



custom yoga leggings


Leggings fall under both athleisure and sportswear categories to be marketed to hardcore gym-goers and hardcore Netflix enthusiasts. Remember that you shouldn't try to target these disparate audiences simultaneously- make sure to differentiate your marketing. Let your customers know what your leggings are meant for in your product descriptions to avoid confusing your customers. Make sure to convey what individual products are for clearly. You can go crazy with your pattern designs, utilize fail-proof designs our graphic design experts create, or put out a line of monochrome leggings. Some popular colors this year are bright neons and neutral yet bold grays. 

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custom printed pillow


2021 is the year of interior design. As offices and entertainment move into our own homes, people are looking for ways to add coziness and comfort to their personal space. Pillows are a classic interior design element that has been steadily gaining in popularity throughout the years. Pillows not only add functionality and ease to people's homes but are also aesthetic focal points. Thanks to their ability to effortlessly add decorating points to a room, decorative pillows are the most prominent online selling items. Appeal to fresh markets and catch the eye of existing consumers by emphasizing branding and personalization. Design prints offering various patterns or symbols are excellent choices or keep it simple and classic with minimalistic designs. Scroll through some current pillow trends from top interior designers to gain inspiration. 

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Wall Art

custom printed wall art


As mentioned above, more and more buyers are trying to incorporate classic design elements like wall art into their homes to add some liveliness and zest to their everyday surroundings. The shift to spending more time in our homes thanks to remote work and in-home entertainment means that wall art is trending all year round. This is great news for e-commerce vendors because it means they can customize it to fit any occasion or season. It's essential to pinpoint who your target customer is before you start to sell online. Doing some research on your niche audience will help your business tailor your wall art designs to their preferences, and you can also market your business much more efficiently. 

However, if you're having trouble identifying your niche audience, there are different trends you can jump on. From bold abstracts to line art to aesthetic photography and statement quotes, the wide variety of design options make wall art an excellent product for online vendors to promote in 2021. Wall art has the bonus of offering one of the largest profit margins in eCommerce. If you're marketing your artwork as a premium product, there are specific strategies you can employ to justify a higher price tag. 

Face Masks

custom printed face mask


The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed masks to the forefront of demand across the globe. In 2020 the global face mask market reached a record-high $4.5 billion in sales and was expected to surpass $21.2 billion by 2026. Not only are face masks a vital health and safety item, but they've also transformed into an unexpected (mandatory) clothing accessory. Many brands and companies are using this opportunity to make their designs. Just like matching a hat, tie, or shoes to an outfit, face masks can serve a functional purpose while being styled for different looks. It's critical to be aware of the current global crisis and not trivialize your marketing strategy's pandemic. Face masks are first and foremost used as protective gear and a fashion accessory second.

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Many trending products are projected to be even more popular this year. POND Threads is a top print-on-demand company manufacturing premium athleisure products. Partner with POND Threads to expand your e-commerce brand today!

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